Friday, September 21, 2007

Who's Got the Keys

Alright, this is the way it happened (as best I remember). We got to the camp to cleanup on Sunday morning. My family did not get any 4-wheelers out. Paul and his crew showed up about 1 o’clock after we were all exhausted.
Paul could not find the key to his 4-wheeler and raised hell. I found it and gave it to him. He was holding up and showing all the keys around raising hell.
My crew left a little after 3 o’clock.
His family was getting ready to go for a ride when we pulled out. This is the basis of what I remember.
Last weekend we get to camp and two keys are missing. The key to my new 4-wheeler and the key to Dads’ Yamaha are missing. I called Paul.
Paul said he did not have the keys. He said his family did not touch my 4-wheeler. He said my kids must have the keys. I said my kids did not touch any 4-wheelers and his kids had the keys. We hung up. We tore the camp apart looking for keys. No luck.
Paul called, said we must of sucked them up in the vaccuum cleaner, ??? then said all he could remember was telling his daughter, Haley, to put Dads' key up. Did I look everywhere? Hell, yes! Well, he had talked to them and they did not have the keys. My kids must have them! We tore the camp apart again looking for them! We have talked several times back and forth with no luck on finding the damn keys. I am beginning to feel sorry for whoever has them because there is going to be mucho hell to pay when they appear. I am sure Pauls’ kids have them.


Arthur said...

That sounds interesting and frustrating. I'm very curious now and who exactly does have the keys. I feel sorry for them as well.

paul's college roommate said...

michael has those damn keys. he is just like his father. paul used to lose stuff all the time. then he would accuse someone else. he has not changed one damn bit over the years. if you want those keys, call wanda. she will get to the bottom of this. wanda rules those coastal howells with an iron hand. somebody has to TRY to keep paul howell in line.

willie "burddawg" howard said...

i bet paul left the keys out in the backyard in one of those mason jars full of money. only he knows the truth. legaleagle gulf coast knowitall lawyer.

Editor said...

I agree with y'all. He is one sorry son of a gun, liar, cheat and key thief.

Dana said...

My cousin Amy, talked with Julie, Paul's college roommate's first girlfriend's cousin, yesterday. Julie said she heard from Craig, the neighbor, who heard from the neighbor on the other side, that they saw someone out late that night in the woods with a shovel. So then Pat, my neighbor's son who was also listening to Julie, Paul's college roommate's first girlfriend's cousin - no wait I mean, Amy my cousin, and Pat said he'd heard about situations like this from the Lost Key Guru of the Internet, and that the only thing to do now is kick yourself for NOT HAVING A SPARE KEY MADE!!!

P.S. - I think a mouse took them. Seriously, I've heard of this happening to small shiny objects.