Friday, October 24, 2008

The Big Wedding

Water Valley, MS> The big wedding and social event of the year was held recently at the home of Eddie and Pat Ray in Water Valley. Their daughter, Nancy Margaret, married some zillionaire from up in Washington, DC.
Every woman in town has been frantically trying to get just the right outfit to wear for the last month, while the men have been faking illness and hiding out anywhere they could to get out of going to the affair. I can assure you, no one got away..

The wedding was in their front yard and it was an absoulutely gorgeous affair. The bride was radiant and beautiful, I can't remember anything else except the men wore tuxes and all the women were very good looking. The party was different! Here is a pic of Denise and our friend Kim Jones

Champagne flowed like water, And the guest were treated royally. A large tent behind the house served as a dining room and dance floor. It did not take long for it to really get rocking. Pat and Eddie mingled with everyone as did the bride and groom to make everyone feel welcome and to thank them. The Ray family is a class act.

Soon, skimpily dressed women were passing out big cigars and I moved to the smoking lounge behind the stage. I met a tremendous (and very nice) contingent from D.C. and enjoyed talking with them. We did not talk politics.
Denise was elegant and beautiful, so was Kim. Mr. Jones was there too and he looked pretty good for his age.
The party got wilder and wilder and the music got faster and faster. Suddenly we were in the middle of the dance floor whirling like dervishes! Finally, we escaped back to where we could breath but you can see my photo is a little wild.
I am proud of the people of Water Valley. There were no fights, no one got stabbed and the people who got drunk did not make fools of themselves. All in all, a very good night.
They had a photo booth also, that Denise and I managed to slid into. She tried to get frisky but you know how shy I am.
In the end, We drank like fish, ate like hogs and stole as many cigars as we could carry. We need one of these every week.


Anonymous said...

hope you got a cigar for Paul

Editor said...

no, everytime I give Paul a cigar,
he sets a $100 bill on fire to light his cigar.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Rex, nice pics of you and Denise! :)

SimplyOutdoors said...

Sounds like a great time. I haven't been to a wedding in quite awhile.

Rhonda B. said...

I was out of town and missed the big event. You all look stunning!
Sounds like a blast!