Monday, October 27, 2008

Preparing for Youth Weekend

This past weekend, Burney, Mark and I, tried to get everything ready for the big Youth Hunt. Burney, Austin and his friends handled stands. New gunrests, making sure the stands were safe, and making sure the stands would hold a man and a young hunter. They did a great job and that part seems ready.
Mark, Spencer and I handled last minute bush-hogging and making sure the fields were ready by overseeding rye grass on many of the fields. The grass should be up for the hunt.

We also went up the lake and prepared our stands for opening day. Camo tried to drive the boat and when we saw deer she took off after the horrible things as soon as we hit land.
I am concerned about the Youth Hunt and want to point out one of the main concerns with bringing in people that do not hunt much. This picture to the right is of a large white-tail buck. Look closely.

This picture to the left is NOT a deer. Matt, please study this very, very closely and email the pic to Bill who might confuse it for a moose. My cousin Jim Lammey is coming for the hunt this year and I may have to tape the two pictures to his hunting vest so he can double check if he sees something.

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