Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vacationing With Thunderhoof

""No!" I told that stupid deer to stay home and not follow me on vacation. Did he? Of course not. I arrived in Ireland at the Ashford Castle and before dark I heard him splashing around in the fountains. Did the mangement get on to him? No! He spent half his time splashing around with the Lake Monster, racing ghostly suits of armor though the courtyard at all hours, running up and down the country bragging about his homeland and trying to slip up and drink my Guinness. Plus the beautiful Irish lasses loved him. Made me ill.

Finally, Denise and I thought we gave him the slip, but our first morning in France he was standing on the corner wearing a French beret. Yes, those French women mobbed him as usual. He did not get to go up the Eiffel Tower with us. He was too big for the elevator and you could hear crowds ohhing and ahhing over him as he stood crunching and popping chestnuts everywhere we went.

Thunderhoof said he had known that Napolean fellow and he wanted to show us the sites, especially an old sculpture done of him as a kid. They let him in the Louvre free of charge, something about being a national monument. I almost threw up, but did get a pic of Denise with the varmints sculpture.