Monday, October 06, 2008

Bowhunting Opener

Archery season has started in Mississippi and it looks like the famous Christmas Place is off to a roaring start. My cousin Burney and his friend Eddie Mangum showed up and got things off to a quick start. While going to check stands, they ran into a porcine problem of immense proportions. A whole herd of wild hogs ran out in front of them and Burney quickly grabbed his .357 pistol and cut loose! 2 dead and one wounded. An eye opener for our bowhunters to be sure.
The next morning Eddie was surrounded by deer. His statement was they were too close. Pssst, pssst, psst, arrows went everywhere, all the deer escaped including a nice 8-point. That afternoon Burney connected on a really big doe of 145lbs. and the first deer was on the pole.
Eddie snored through the night,and regained his strength and shooting form. He got a small doe the next morning, even though there was some belief that he stole it from the alligator that was also spotted over the weekend.


Matt said...

Congrats to Eddie and Burney!

Marian Love Phillips said...

Bowhunting is off to a good congrats to both Burney and Eddie.

Phillip said...

Look at all that pork!

Dangit, man!

If I don't kill something soon, I'm gonna stick an arrow in my own foot just for spite.

Dazd said...

Mighty good huntin' and eatin' there Rex. That alligator would top the pole off nicely. lol

Crossbow said...

I have read your post. Congrats! i like this post. I have never been hunting before. My uncle invited me to go deer hunting during the next deer season. I think that I am going to go. It will be a fun experience. Thank's for sharing.