Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Weekend Plans

Yes I know today is Thursday, but there is a lot going on this weekend. Tomorrow is Halloween and I have to be in Water Valley for that. Tomorrow I also have to post my last absolutely 100% True Halloween Story of the year. Later, all the good spooky movies are on TV that night and to top it off, I get to sneak and get candy all night. I love those little Crunch bars!
Hope we have trick-or-treaters this year and for some reason, most of the kids dress up as little Othmar! I do enjoy it and Camo wants to wear her Thunderhoof outfit. Hey! Maybe I can get Denise to wear some kind of outfit that night, too!
Because of Halloween on a Friday, I will not be able to be at camp that night and so will miss my opportunity to set up watch at The Haunted Train Trestle. Just my luck.
I will be heading to camp bright and early Saturday morning. Time to actually get in the woods and pick out three or four places to concentrate on hunting this year.
The Rebs are on the 11:30 game so that will disrupt things a little, Win and they are in bowl contention, lose and forget it. Paul and Mark will be at the game to handle things. Don't screw up!

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