Monday, October 13, 2008

Wrapping Up France

Denise, Sadie and I roamed the streets of Paris and after awhile we learned how to blend in with the locals and not look like tourist.
As an appraiser I marveled in the spectacular architecture everywhere we went and the pure sense of history with every step we took.
History, immense monuments and great restaurants fill Paris. (All you folks back home need to know that it is true that they eat snails over here, and no I did not eat one of the horrible things.)

We finally made the Eiffel Tower and you can not tell how tall it is from the pictures. I measured it with my eye when I reached the very top and it is at least 4 miles high, I swear. There were 10,000 people roaming around the little decks they have on it. Pretty Hairy, but you can see for 50 miles and I did not go to Paris to not climb it. We spent an hour or so gazing at the wonderful city below us and then it was time to go see the rest of the city.

We visited a wonderful Church called The Sacred Heart, we went to the Pantheon where the great writers of history were buried and roamed the crypts. We saw spires and statues and even had a wonderful picnic with Sadie in the Luxembourg Gardens. There is a lot of wine drinking there considering that Cokes were $10.
Finally we reached Notre Dame Cathedral, and as we approached I could see that Quasimodo guy jumping around the bells and gargoyles and making a nuisance of himself. I thought I saw some giant antlers up there too.
Entering Notre Dame, you get a real sense of holiness and wonder. It is so beautiful that you can not believe that it was built by man without Divine Guidance.
I said a prayer and lit a candle there for my mother.
I did not get to talk with the bellringer, I do think he spit at me from the tower though. The sense of wonder and renewed faith from just entering the great cathedral still holds with me though and I will return to visit it again.
Notre Dame
the Sacred Heart
A Great Time


Marian Love Phillips said...

The architecture at Notre Dame is breath taking..thanks for sharing the link...

Love that pink hat!!!

CDGardens said...

Really have enjoyed your posts about your trip.

Wonderful pictures of all you got to see ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a truly GLORIOUS time in Ireland and France. It was PERFECT in every way possible. Traveling with you and making special moments was beyond wonderful.I love you and thank you for the most fabulous Birthday Present a girl could ever wish to have.XOXO, D

Editor said...

I think we covered Birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, April fools and Sadie Hawkins Day. Love you too!

Rhonda B. said...

I am loving the hat! It quite dashing! Thanks for sharing your pics and stories.

GUYK said...

I reckon they have patched up the bullets hole by now..when I was in Europe in the 1970's a lot of the smaller villages out in tghe country still showed the effects of WW two..especially in France and Belgium

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Pictures are great and remind me of the days when I once roamed the banks of the Seine and strolled under the Eiffel Tower . . . a trip to Europe should truly be on everyones to do list.