Friday, October 03, 2008

Mysterious Kylemore Abbey

I really enjoyed our trip to Ireland, but deep in my heart I held back the fact that I really wanted to do some research of a strange tale that I had picked up concerning the famous Kylemore Abbey.
Here is a pic of our host, John and Cindy Dooner in front of the mysterious Abbey.

The builder of the Abbey started it as his own personal castle, but during the building it seems that he fell under the influence of a strange group of monks that lived in the steep mountains behind the famous site. Soon these strange religious zealots took over and it was made into an Abbey for their use.
No one to this day knows exactly what their beliefs were but many rumors state that one day they just disappeared from the Abbey never to be seen again. Rumors are that they returned to the high mountains, or settled on the southern coast of Ireland, but another rumor is that they quietly booked passage to America to New Orleans and from there headed up the Mississippi River only to disappear into history.
Could the rumor and strange tale of The Black Abbey be the same group of monks?
You read the strange tale and tell me what you think.

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thebigandyt said...

Looks like you had a great time over here, thats an interesting story about the abbey, i'll have to check it out.