Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Links Make You Thinks

I have added two new links to the sidebar. The first is Hunting Safaris and they have some good information about their safari business and some great stories. the also offer you the chance to make a little money booking for them or earn enough credit to go on one of their hunts.
If you want an elephantocerous on you wall or a Grino or one of those bad African kittycats they are the men to see. They can get you a shot at a Water Buffalo, all kinds of funny looking deery critters and if you pay extra, you might get a shot at KeesKennis, or at least get to stop by and have a drink with him. Go check them out.
The second link I have to be very careful with. The name of the site is simply Kill More Ducks. Now look, everyone knows duck hunters are crazy. Rich and crazy. Kind of like that Goon in North Dakota. I will give them credit, they have a good blog with great duck hunting information. These guys have excellent photography of the swamps and mist with the mallards flocking in. A very good blog with a lot of action, go visit; tell them that the richest, crookedest lawyer in the south sent you. They will say "You mean Paul Howell?"

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Othmar Vohringer said...

I am not rich, crazy maybe, but defiantly not rich, yet I love duck hunting. I know it is very different with duck hunting leases in your part of the world and our sheer unlimited access to public land waterfowl places. Given all that I will go right ahead now and visit “Kill more Ducks.”