Friday, October 10, 2008

Lurking At The Louvre

After a forced march across Paris, we arrived at the front of the Louvre. I have heard all my life about that Moaning Lisa girl and I wanted to check her out for myself. Being a self-styled expert on women moaning, I wanted to find out exactly what kind of moans she made. Here is a pic of us in the gigantic park in front of the palaces that make up the museum.

We had to wander through gallery after gallery of all kind of paintings, sculptures and artifacts that no one cares about until we reached the gallery that had her in it. There were about a million people in there. I got as close as I could. All my friends back in Mississippi need to know that she never moaned at all. Not a sound, even though she kind of gave me the eye before I left. Here is Denise and Sadie laughing at me for some reason.

I was disappointed of course but there was another hot chick somewhere in the gigantic museum that I wanted to visit, so we headed back through the museum to find her. We wandered through more gallerys of artsy stuff that no one cares about until we got to the Greco-Roman gallery and there she was standing in the middle of the crowd. Her name is Venus-de-Milo. She was not wearing a top and I have to admit she was pretty hot for a woman with no arms. She secretly slipped me her number while Denise was not looking and we headed outside to see if we could go up that big lightning rod in the center of Paris known as the Eiffel Tower.

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