Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pull the Trigger !!

Go and read a really good story from the Bushman at Way In The Bush about how he just can't pull the trigger while hunting a certain stand.
While you are drooling, go to Marians Hunting Stories or to my friend at Moose Droppings to get the story on what is probably the new Mississippi State Record Whitetail.
PS- As you can see from the above pictures, I have better things to do than worry about that Stupid Vampire. Geez!


The Hunter's Wife said...

I will have to show these pictures to my hunter tonight. Wow!

Debbie said...

I was listening to local talk radio today. A deer hunter called in and said last year he bought shells for $18.00, this year they were DOUBLE in price. Every shot must hit it's mark, they are too expensive to waste on just target practice.

We're not hunters, so I only know about hand gun amo.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Goon said...

Wow, that is huge...

Tom Sorenson said...

Is that thunderhoof?! Boy, that bottom deer's frame sure looks eerily similar to thunderhoof - isn't his normal territory, though, is it?

john said...

The picture is amazing.The huge deer.
It is a great.Triggered the correct target is very difficult.