Monday, February 27, 2006


Turkey Swarm Causes Madness
Both Barrels, MS> Hershel Howell is anxious for spring to arrive.
He cant wait to get after the turkeys again.
Reminds me of when he alledgedly killed the big gobbler by
accident. He was hunting below the levee and had nestled in
between two large elm trees in a cane blind. He had seen turkeys
recently there and settled in. His gun was loaded with magnum
turkey loads.
The turkeys (innocently) meandered into the field, they fed closer and closer. He became super excited! They were in range!
He laid his bead on a large gobbler. Blam!
Turkeys went in all directions! Mr. Howell went ass over teakettle
backwards from the force of the super turkey loads.
Smoke covered everything. When he recovered enough to look,
(straight up) the giant turkey was gaining altitude right above him.
Blam! he went ass over teakettle again as his feet went over his head.
Leaving his awful gun he crawled from the briar thicket
he was laying in, staggered to the field to find two
big gobblers layng there. another $150 fine for the camp
from this turkey murderer.


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