Friday, February 24, 2006

Southern Conservatism

When we go to camp and sit around the fire trading barbs, and the topic turns to politics, we are all over the globe as far as presidential candidates and most national issues. By the way in Mississippi, if you are going to get to vote in most places you have to be registered as democrat to vote in local elections. All elections are local as they say.
We can argue for hours about President Bush or the virtues of John (Goose Murderer) Kerry I still gag seeing him pretending to goosehunt. (?) But I suppose in a greater sense we are bound together more than we realize when it comes to traditional issues. As far as I can tell, none of us were born rich, as a matter of fact most everyone is old enough to have heard depression era horror stories first hand. My own uncle worked for a farmer as a very young teenager an entire summer for a milk cow for his family. This while my Grandfather was off with the WPA making I think $12.00 a month.
What we have is a shared heritage of hunting, love of the land, fellowship, and a unified belief in stewardship of the land, and the game that lives here. Whatever studies you may read, if it weren't for hunters there would be no habitat left other than the federal reserves. Nothing more than petting zoos. The Christmas Place is over two thousand acres of unbridled beauty
and nature. If you come this way, you will find we are different from each other but don't try to take our guns away.

Subject: Redneck Special Forces

The latest ploy to defeat the Iraqi Insurgency
is to send in a team of Mississippi Army Special
Forces: Billy Bob, Billy Joe, Billy Ray, Bubba, Boo Boo,
Scooter,Slick, Bucky & Cooter are being sent in with their 1968
Ford four wheel drive pickup trucks. They will be given only the
following information about the enemy:

1. There is no limit
2. The season opened last weekend.
3 They taste like chicken
4. They don't like women, beer, pickup trucks,
countrymusic,barbecue,or Jesus.
5. They were responsible for Dale Earnhardt's death.

It should be over in about a week.

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