Thursday, February 16, 2006

From the Hunting Mecca of the Mississippi Delta

this blog is meant to show what conservative hunters are saying from the famous Christmas Place in the Mississippi Delta and how it all relates to politics from around the globe. The blog is fashioned upon the satirical periodical THE BODOCK TIMES. This paper will relate hunting news at our dysfunctional hunting camp and
give interesting background on members and hunts. all hunters are welcome to post pictures of their large deer, especially mississippi bucks.
The Christmas Place Huntng Club is about 30 minutes south of Greenwood, Ms located against the bluffs, it is also 10 miles north of Yazoo City.
The members consist of 1 appraiser/broker with an axe to grind, 2 rich shyster lawyers, 1 postal worker, a retiree, a crooked blackjack dealer and the camp Chief.
Many guest come and go and there is always something going on.

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