Monday, February 20, 2006

Cotton Farmer Rex

I went to Baltimore and attended a Jewish wedding.
The people there were very friendly, but none had ever
gone to the south before, much less visited Mississippi.
Most of them had seen the movie MISSISSIPPI BURNING.
I think that most really believed that it was dangerous
for Jews to go to Mississippi. It shows what
movies and TV can do to people.
Yes, we do have indoor plumbing and most of the streets
are paved. We have modern vehicles and wear shoes also.
Anyway, when I said we own a plantation in the Delta, they became
very interested and were concerned about our "migrant" workers,
and how they were treated. Very humorous to me, but they were
not joking. I let them know that we have tractors nowadays
and no blacks or migrant workers had to pick cotton by hand.
Anyway a picture of me in the cottonfield.

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