Saturday, February 18, 2006


A slow day in Mississippi, especially since I haven't figured how to link yet.
The weather is horrible and an ice storm is coming.
Which reminds me that recently a notice was found on the big oak tree behind the camp
from the royal Iman and ruler of the Christmas Place kingdom, Thunderhoof the Magnificent, pledging a full tag of 10 points, 2 hogs and a four wheeler to the person or deer that kills the blasphemer that has drawn cartoons of Thunderhoof
on the hanging pole. Rex has read this and declared "it was Stewart" meanwhile I am
in hiding and hanging out near Burneys stand (the fartherest point from a large buck on the whole place)
Just to Let you know what we think of those damn crazy Muslims, my brother, the rich and evil coast lawyer said it best "remember Osama wants to hunt your stand". All you hunters out there need to remember this. It is very simple. Time to wipe out those idiots before appeasement spreads south from the east coast.
Meanwhile I am laying low.

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