Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What the Hell Do We Do Now?

Deer season is over, it is too early for golf. What are the members of the famous Christmas Place Nature Lovers Club supposed to do? a quick interview of our members and guest gave some surprising results.

Paul is on the gulf coast. Is he working with the aftermath of Katrina. Hell No! Mr. Howell is gearing up for his usual 23 national championships that his children play in. It was 37 but the girls have become interested in a new sport called BOYS!

Trent is here is Water Valley working hard. He accidently missed foreclosing on a couple of orphanages and is working overtime to correct this. Mr. Howell is also a judge and since all criminals were either released or not sentenced because of deer season, The Judge is busy rounding them up and lastly he is still supporting the local speed traps by taking peoples beer, fining hell out of Oxford people and keeping the local coffers full.

Hershel is hobbling around playing golf ever-day. Weekends he plants tree at the club. He has told me that he doesn't think he will hunt out of tree stands this year, it is too hard on his knees. He is only 79. It is embarrassing for a man his age to beat the hell out of you playing golf.

Mr. Jones is busy selling insurance and giving the Democrats hell. He visits websites that are induced to invite rage from him. He sits, he smokes, he drinks, he screams ! His new blog will be Death to Democrats!

Bobby is working at Howell Realty. His job is to sleep with his feet on the desk, and if the phone rings, tells Rex to get it.

Rex is busy, chasing Miss Denise, running a blog, keeping a crazy dog and handling his kids is more than a job for one man. Being an editor is time consuming if you are not aware.

Mark Stewart is still running your mail. I am sure the Chattanoga River is full of your mail circulars by now. He killed one deer and I am sure he will want to personally tell every SOB in America about it.

Burney Howell is running those crap tables, raking away your money and dreaming about ducks, deer and Vegas odds. His thoughts turn early to fish though, so he may make it for another month until spawning season.

Thunderhoof has gone to the coast for Mardi Gras, by now his horns are filled with beads and drunk, naked women are riding him around the streets of Gulfport. What the hell am I doing here?????????

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