Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mulligan Hunt or Bust

Mulligan Hunt This Weekend
Sour Stomach, MS> This weekend is the year ending Mulligan Hunt
at the Mysterious Christmas Place. Deer season is over and this last
weekend is dedicated to shooting anything that is still in season.
Squirrels, rabbits, quail, woodcock, wild hogs and about anything
else that crawls or runs. We don’t have this, but we are pretty
sure there are a few of these
and some of these on the backside of the property


Old Scratch said...

Hey cottonfield man, I need some advice. The Mulligan Hunt is one my favs, but I keep having to shoot these overgrown woodpeckers with a white spotted wings. Man what a racket. I can't here myself think. Can you suggest a nonlethal method to quiet these damn things down? It seems like there is one on every tree.

Editor said...

double-ought buckshot works best

Old Scratch said...

Cottonfield man, buckshot didn't kill that lawyer down in Texas but these woodpeckers with them light colored peckers ain't as devious as lawyers.

catscratch said...

Please leave these "poor ole journalists" alone. Do you think they've figured out the difference between bird shot and buck shot, yet? Do they even know to ask the question? Do they know what a 28 guage gun is? I'm still scratch'n my head over this one. Lord knows I've been hit by bird shot. Any God Fearing Red Stater Dove Lov'n Hunter has been, too! Give me a break!