Thursday, February 23, 2006

Intolerant Of Ambiguity- political commentary

I discovered some months back that according to a Slate magazine article on a recent study that conservatives tended to be "Intolerant Of Ambiguity" . Ok I'll accept that . I was brought up with an " it's either right or wrong philosophy". Not to say that I would not listen to a differing opinion or to be open to discussion on some topics. But there are a few that bother me . Let's relate this to the recent few weeks news cycle.
A. Muslims running American ports. My answer, where are you buying your crack and are you sure its not laced with LSD. Well let's just let them run the airports too. I think the are already running the port of New Orleans. And I'm not sure about Blanco's office.
B. It's birdshot not buckshot, if it had been, We would be hearing NBC's David Gregory,who seems to be Keith Olbermans back door man, ranting about negligent homicide by the vice president. And yes I have been peppered with birdshot. Stings alot but not usually fatal
C. What are we waiting for with Iran. If a man pulls a knife, pull a big "honkin" gun. (my wife has asked me to refrain from profanity). And oh by the way USE IT.

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