Thursday, February 23, 2006

Atlas Shrugs and I Shudder

My cohort Old scratch (Mr. Jones) made his first political
commentary post yesterday and was very excited. Probably
as excited as he was the day he hunted near the gamewardens
and Buckzilla wandered past him at thirty yards and he
managed to shoot a chicken in Tchula. Anyway, he has been in touch with Pam over at Atlas Shrugs
and sent her an email to look at our blog. She replied immediately with:
I like it hunting boy~
It feels really good to get positive feedback and that
Supergirl outfit? WOW! Makes me wonder what she
would look like in this. Maybe my girlfriend will kill me, but I love a
woman in Camouflage.
So, after her response, I want you to know that she has the
first official blogger invitation to come to the famous
Christmas Place this summer to relax. She can do this.

like my Dad and my aunt Marilyn
or spend her time here fishing
look for arrowheads or the lost confederate treasure.
Thanks for the feedback and hope to see you soon.

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