Friday, October 19, 2007

An Alaskan Eye Opener

Mr brother James has been in town checking on his daughter. Her name is Victoria and she just started at the University of Mississippi. His whole clan came down from the wilds of Alaska and they have been making the rounds. We took them to a pep rally for the Water Valley Blue Devil football team. None of his kids had ever seen or gone to a football game before

We also spent a nice evening in Oxford with my cousin, Kent Howell and his beautiful wife Mary Jean. The men got to drink beer on the deck while all the women caught up on news and talked about how horrible we were. The kids enjoyed games and the WIE. and then dinner was served.

Here is a pic of the ladies! (L to R) Wanda (Pauls wife)was up from the coast, My Aunt Marilyn was presiding over the affair, Jan (married to my cousin Bebo) Kecia (James wife), Shelley was there with Trent, and Denise was with me. Mary Jean served great Lasagna and we really enjoyed a relaxed evening being together.


Arthur said...

Never saw a football game before? How does one live?

Sounds like a great time! I hope I can get to Alaska one day.

Jody said...

Looks like a fun time but can't believe they have never seen a football game.

Go Bears!

Marian said...

Hope I get to meet James and his family one day! You really have a wonderful family and Denise is a jewel!

CDGardens said...

Great family everyone was blessed by the getting together part.
Lots of good memories...