Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More TreeRat Weekend

The Tree Rat Weekend was great, and I finally embarrassed Paul enough in front of his guest to actually get him to help clean out and repair our main Box Stand. It was full of wasps but Paul was expendable and we sent him in to clean it out. No names will be mentioned, but some 80 year old codger left some Apricot Brandy bottles in the stand.

As stated, it was the best meal of squirrel and dumplings I have probably ever had. Here is a pic of Dad and my brother James holding up the dinner for me to take a pic.
The weather was great, the fellowship and hunting was great. I got 5 stands finished and ready for the season, and everyone had a great time. Each year it just gets better and better for my Dad. This is his weekend and it turned out as good as he had hoped. Time to get ready for the Youth deer hunt!

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Arthur said...

Looks like some awesome times right there.. That is one of the my reasons I hunt. The camaraderie. Great stuff.