Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Deer Poem

The Deer Poem
in response to Phillips “Ode to a Hog”
Behold the wondrous whitetail deer,
The most beautiful of all creatures hunted here.
His form is graceful, athletic and lean,
Unlike an old hog that is ugly, dirty and just plain mean.

Hunting for deer is a sportmans’ event.
Taking a buck is known as a great present.
Hunting for hogs is a nasty affair,
Grunting and blasting it has no real flair.

Yes, deer hunting is a life that has essence
Unlike hunting hogs, which are a damned nuisance.
Great deeds are involved to get a big deer.
Shooting a hog is done drinking beer.

Put the horns on your wall as you tell a great tale,
Shoot a hog, be prepared, dressing it is hell.
Getting your deer is always a feat,
Find a hog hunter, at least you will get some great meat.

With apology to Willie Shakespeare


Kristine said...

I'm starting to get a bit worried. Are we having a poetry competition now?

Should I write an Ode to the Gunslinger?

Editor said...

it would be a fun meme, consider yourself tagged.

Callie said...

Since meeting you all- I am learning to understand alot more about Deer Hunting than I ever imagined.....

Lots of Respect for you Hunters.


Editor said...

thanks Callie, see if you can make up a hunting poem too.

Old Scratch said...

Wow, just in time for St Crispins day. Somehow i don't think "Willie" would be pleased.

Kristine said...

Perhaps I will write the Sonnet to A Gunslinger. "How do I love thee, let me count the ways..."

No wait, maybe that's Sonnets from the Portuguese.


Callie, I'm glad to hear you're learning about hunting. Stop over and check out the Outdoor Bloggers Summit Blog. There are a lot of great blogs there and we'd love to have you.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Neat poem Rex makes me wish I could write poems.


Editor said...

Othmar, you are a poet and don't know it. We all need to practice different forms of writing even if the results are as bad as mine.
you are tagged too:)

Phillip said...

A hog is nothing like a deer.

It's hair is not so soft and fine.

Its breath is not the sweet tang of grass.

It is coarse and pungent.

But tastes so fine.

Besides, I already filled all of MY deer tags.

Editor said...

ah!! a response old friend!
glad to keep the links going and sorry for the awful poetry. maybe we will try that haiku thing next time



Editor said...

funny Roomate, at least I did not go into some weird St. Crispin day rant.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

From peaceful moments contemplating field and stream
Grew a yearning, to blog around an outdoor theme.

As time passed and my posts did multiply
I thought that I’d give rhyme a try

My attempts to create flowing verse
Became an obsession, even a curse

If I succeed and hold readers in my thrall
With a mix of woodlore and tales that are tall

I’d not seek to take the credit
We’d all assume it was Rex who said it!

Editor said...

very good! Bushwacker

Kristine said...

I think Bushwhacker wins the Poetry Prize. That's pretty good.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

thanks guys.

manik said...

which all bows you use? i love recurve bows