Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sneaking Around

Everything is done at the famous Christmas Place Hunting Club. The only thing left to do now is find a big buck to hunt. When you are dealing with lying crooked lawyers it can get complicated. I wrote about this last year and it is still true.

You have to get out in the woods and walk.
Scouting can take a long time and of course
you have to keep it secret.

Here is a pic of me in a section of woods that
we call The Lost 40. A beautiful patch of woods
filled with old hardwoods.


Dazd said...

I'm going scouting this weekend I hope. Gonna take my camera too and hopefully get some pics.

Maybe Thunderhoof's cousin lives near me.

Editor said...

could be, watch out for trains

Marian said...

I just love that peaceful, quiet and beautiful. If I were Thunderhoof, I would hide out there! :)

Andy said...

Thats a nice looking patch of woods. I love the visibility, compared to the jungle I usually hunt.