Friday, October 05, 2007

Ivan and Clyde

The researchers over at the infamous Bodock Times are hot on the trail of Ivan at Crossbow Hunters of Peru. I mean, who hides in Peru?, and how many of you have seen a damn red deer come by your stand? Obviously, he is an imposter, but who is he?
The top investigator got on the case and between a half bottle of Jack Daniels and my 3rd grade Spanish, the truth started to emerge. After all, who names their crossbow Clyde? The broken story of a love triangle in the desert started to emerge from the internet. The story of two star-crossed lovers, a daring rescue, a wild escape across the burning sands and a crazy camel named Clyde.
Ivan, Fatima and Clyde are hiding in Peru now..........

1 comment:

Ivan T. said...

hhehehee you make me laugh. Only one things is wrong in your investigation.
Clyde is not a camel is a llama.;-)