Monday, October 29, 2007

A Strange Halloween Party

Denise and I were in Canada late in the fall to enjoy the foliage when we became lost. It is hard to talk to those people, hell half of them don’t speak American, and none of them speak Southern. We ended up traveling a lonely road as a raging storm struck. Lightning flashed, winds blew and then without warning the car quit. We were stuck, but a distant light stood out on a lonely hill and when the rain slackened we made a run to try and find a place to use the phone. What happened next was the weirdest Halloween Party ever. Nearing the gigantic old home, a brass marker at the gate said Smart Hunting Strategies. We knocked and the door was opened by a strange fellow named Dazd. He led us into a foyer where we met a red hot beauty from Texas that led us into the ballroom and one strange party. If you are ever up there during Halloween make sure to go by and join in....It’s just a jump to the left......

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