Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cluck, Cluck, Buck!

There must be some great hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Several hunting bloggers are from that area and someone is always killing a monster buck up there.
Cathy Smith owns 80 acres in the heart of it. They fondly call it Camp Chicken and she blogs at Camp Chicken Chronicles. Cathy and her friends Mary, Tiny and Arlene enjoy getting away and enjoying nature there. They hunt, cook and relax there and if someone gets a deer that is great too.
She has some good pictures, fun stories and seems a very knowledgable and capable outdoors woman. I am glad to now call her my friend and I think that after you visit with her, you will too.
Dazd, it is Camp Chicken, not the Chicken Ranch.


Kristine said...

As a Michigander who lives below the Bridge, I can tell you that the U.P. is a great place. Beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife.

If you ever get a chance, you should go there. It's lots of fun and, in most places, very relaxing.

Marian said...

A nice write up about the girls at Camp Chicken Chronicles Rex...love the title! :)

Dazd said...

HA! And you thought I had a deep fryer packed for traveling!

**quietly puts the skillet back**

Cathy Smith said...

Thanks for the nice write-up Rex. We appreciate our outdoors friends taking the time to tune-in to our adventures. That's me on the left, Mary Sue and her little dog, Tiny in the middle and Arlene on the right.

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