Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Countdown to Deer Day

Water Valley, MS> At Howell Enterprises the damn phone is ringing off the hook. I hate to answer it. Everyone from the camp keeps calling me. They want to know where am I going to hunt? What sign have I found? Did anyone see a big buck last weekend?
They are about to drive me crazy. I have a boatload of work to get out before the weekend but they mysteriously have plenty of time to call up and chat. Is your rifle sighted-in? What do you think about hunting at the Crossover? Where is Trent, Paul, Burney, etc. hunting? People I am not the clearing house, but this is what I know.
Paul and Michael are going to the Hole.
Dad is hunting at the Game Warden stand.
Sneaky Trent will probably be at Odom Field.
Burney is wanting to hunt the Pond Stand.
I am hunting the Mountain.
There was a giant buck seen at the 72 acres and if the wind is wrong for my stand, I am trying to hunt there. Might be a jailbreak to see who gets there first.

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