Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Nice Tradition

A great tradition at our Deer Camp is done right before each meal. Everyone is called to the kitchen. Hats are removed and it gets quiet while my Dad thanks everyone for being there and asks if anyone has anything to say. Sometimes they don't, but usually there will be someone that says how much they appreciate being there or hope that we all get a deer, just how much they are enjoying the camp or even death to that damn Thunderhoof!
Then my dad says the blessing and we dig in.
This pic is from our Youth hunt, just as Dad gets everyone in the kitchen.


Arthur said...

I always love the gatherings that hunting tends to create. Looks like an awesome time!

deadstick said...

Sounds like a great tradition and I LOVE to see that many young hunters.

Matt said...

What they said!

deerPhD said...

Did somebody say Thunderhoof?

Jon said...

The old saying is true, "The family that prays together, stays together"!

Great on the young hunters!