Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last Minute Things To Do

The season starts Saturday morning and I have a lot left to do to get ready.
Go to Walmart and walk around. I always need a damn flashlight. Thank God, I already bought bullets, and I have my new Othmar Hat. My longhandles have a big hole in the rear? Better get some bottoms. Deer scent,nah. What about one of those big pads to put my skinny butt on? Yes. I think it might take me a while.
Dad just drifted through the office, hell he is already packed and leaving! What are all these damn appraisals doing on my desk?
Where the hell is that slacker, Bobby? Must have deer fever.
What is that smell in the air? Crisp, Cool, Frosty, Deerey. Smells like...Victory!
Need to pack tonight. 2 changes of clothes, all my huntin gear, charge my camera, and take care of any husbandly duties. I've got to get the hell out of here.
Don't call me tomorrow, I do not have time to chat.


Kristine said...

Good luck, have a good hunt, be safe.

Jody said...

Good luck hunting! Mark is bowhunting now and then shotgun Saturday.

Davin said...

Hope ya'll have a great hunt this weekend,the Lammey clan will be leaving for the woods of Abbeville this afternoon. I sent you some photos this morning from last weekends youth hunt,the one's of Alan I thoght were great! Tell the family we said hello and hope to see ya'll soon.

shimniok said...

Best of luck to you!! Safe travels and hunting.