Monday, November 05, 2007

Stepping Back

Huddle, MS> I admit that after last weekend I was totally drained and decided I needed a break this weekend. I did almost nothing except watch football. Denise and I went to the last high school game Friday night, then Saturday I spent most of the day watching football on TV. A few chores here and there just to keep Denise happy, but basically I was Mr. Couch Potato.

Sunday we went to Wilbur Herrings 50th wedding anniversary and I got back in time to watch the big pro game that afternoon. During halftime I ran down to the local shooting range and quickly tested my rifle. I think it will kill a deer.
I didn't even get a case of scope eye.


GUYK said...

now thats pretty good for twenty do you do at fifty?

Kristine said...

I had a quiet weekend too Rex. Purposely didn't do anything that looked (or felt) like work.

Didn't watch any football, but did watch some television, for the first time in a while. Mostly it reminded me why I tape the shows I want to watch. I really hate commercials.

Editor said...

why would you want to shoot at a deer over 20 feet away?
Kristine, I know you needed a relaxing break too, now I need that picture.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Good group, at what distance did you manage that?

I had a busy weekend. A few last minute changes on the new rifle made it necessary to visit the range and sight the gun in again. Then I went home and started to put all the stuff in neat piles ready to be packed and loaded onto the truck by Wednesday evening after work. Then on Thursday 3 am I drive to our wilderness hunting camp for a weeklong pursuit of monster mule deer bucks.

Yesterday one of my scouts phoned to let me know that he has seen five bucks in different locations within our territory that “…easily would make the books”. Needless to say I am pumped and ready to go and I wont sleep much until Thursday night after our first hunt.


Bryan said...

guyk took the words out of my mouth!

Editor said...

good luck, send me a pic, make sure to wear your new hat.

Andy said...

That'll do nicely. That top hole looks a little ragged. Is that a 3-shot group?

If you don't mind me asking, what do you shoot?

Editor said...

I shoot a Weatherby, Vanguard .270,
with 130 grain bullets.
the best rifle I have ever used.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Editor-"I shoot a Weatherby, Vanguard .270,
with 130 grain bullets.
the best rifle I have ever used."

Hey that is the exact rifle and caliber I shoot too, and yes I agree with you. For the money this is the best rifle in my stable too.

Phillip said...

What Rex is leaving out here is that, not only is he shooting at 20 feet... those squares on the paper are actually about four-inches.

I guess that's still good enough to drop Thunderhoof, though.