Friday, March 09, 2007

Africa Has Nothing on The Christmas Place

Stunning Vista, MS> A well known and inquisitive Cape Buffalo, thinks he is so damn smart. He is always posting pictures of exotic and strange animals from God knows where. Blue lizards, strange monkeys, leopardses and lions, watergators, colorful birds, grinocerouses and ellies, Now damn cats. Well he has nothing on the famous Christmas Place. We have what I think are some exotic and rare animals too.
Everyone has heard of Thunderhoof. The few hunters that have survived a chance meeting in the woods with him will tell you about his 10 ft. wide antlers. He is majestic and the strangest Whitetail Deer I have ever seen.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hunting up behind the Lake and way down the hollow, I saw one of these slipping through the woods quiet as a mouse. Amazing that something that large could be that silent.

Later that morning, a herd of these came crashing through the woods. Damn varmints ruined my hunt. Those two kinds of animals look a lot alike, have no idea what they are but when those damn things start trumpeting in the woods, it is hard to hear yourself think.

We have all kinds of strange and unusual animals, but our Wildcats are something else! Damn things are 10-15 feet long and mean as hell.
We shoot them and use their big teeth to make knives. You know wildcats are hell on deer and turkeys. They are also not too scared of men. We always carry a rifle into the woods with us just in case. The last weekend of the season, I was hunting at the big Spike Camp field and a couple of these came out and started grazing. I was going to shoot one but it occurred to me that they might be rare, or endangered or something and besides I did not know what the limit would be on a hairy rhinocerous! Like I said that KeesKennis hasn't got anything on us!


deerslayer said...

Good thing you didn't shoot one of the things in the last photo cause you probably didn't have a kill tag for it and from what I'm told you have to get really close to them to take one out. I'll be glad to sell you a tag for one if you need it.

KeesKennis said...

Dear Deerslayer,
I think you are overstepping the mark.
The geneva convention clearly gave the world wide "kill tag" selling rights to KEESKENNIS.

They do refer to a slow minded person somewhere, I think.

Phillip said...

Hey Rex,

I've got a new rifle coming that ought to be just about enough gun for those big, wooly rhinos! But if I miss, I'm not sure if I can outrun them in my clown car.

Editor said...

a professional hog guy would probably keep a spare car in the glove compartment.