Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tales From Uncle Hershey

Brer Thunderhoof and Mistah Hershel

Thunderhoof, he be layin’ up on the hillside, just chewin’ his cud and catchin’ a lil sun that fine monin’. Brer Thunderhoof, he feel fat ‘n sassy whilst he looked down at them fresh green shoots of dat corn patch and just a’waitin’ for dat corn to be big and sweet, when he spy Mistah Hershel coming up the road lickity split. Thunderhoof, he ain’t worryin’ none, he relaxin’ in the sun.
Mistah Hershel, he pull up in his fancy cart and stare hard at Ol’ Thunderhoof. Brer Thunderhoof, he just stare back, chew his cud and don’ say nuttin.
Mistah Hershel say, “Brer Thunderhoof, I knows you’s jist up here thinkin’ bout my corn patch, waitin’ for them moist yella kernels soons they ripe.” “I ain’t goan let cha eat up my crop agin. You ates up my garden, wit my greens and butter peas and now yous sits up here waitin’ on my corn. I’sa shamed of you, Brer Thunderhoof!”
Brer Thunderhoof, don’ say nuttin, he jis reach back and scratch his back wit a giant antler where Mistah Hossfly be bitin’.
Mistah Hershel say, “It’s sad, sad you be so mean to Mistah Hershel.” I works hard plantin’ and a hoein’ and takin’ care of the farm and you sits up heah chewin yo cud and a wishing for sweet corn. I’sa mind to whup you jist for spite!” Mistah Hershel, he get down and walk over and grab Brer Thunderhoofs leg and pull. Thunderhoof, he jist lay still. Then Mistah Hershel try an grab his big ol horns, but Thunderhoof jist shake him off like a baby rag doll. Then Mistah Hershel say,”You good fer nuttin deer, I’se goan tie a rope to youse and drag you to the next county!” Mistah Hershel back his cart up while Thunderhoof watch in mazement. Mistah Hershel get a rope and tie around Brer Thunderhoof neck, then tie to his fancy cart. Mistah Hershel pull it tight den hobble back to dat cart, den jumps in and take off!
Brer Thunderhoof so surprise he quit chawin’ and watch them wheels jist spin. That cart ain’t goin nowhere. Thunderhoof start laffin, almos’ choke he laugh so hard. Mistah Hershel, he so mad he can’t talk, then he amble over and untie him from the fancy cart and he sit down beside Thunderhoof bout to cry. Thunderhoof, he feel pitiful sorry for Mistah Hershel now and he starts studyin’ on a slution to help poor Mistah Hershel. They sit there in that grass lookin’ out over the fields for a terrible long time and finally Brer Thunderhoof say,” Mistah Hershel, I’se got a answer to yo problum”.
I’se deer and can’t help my callin’, but if’n I had something else to eat, why I would leave yo beautiful ol corn crop alone till after the harvestin.” Mistah Hershel, he so relieve he bout hug that big ol deers neck and say “Brer Thunderhoof, how bouts I plant lots of good tastin’ pretty clover and green grass up in them hills so’s nobody be bothering you whilst you eats?”
Thunderhoof allow that be jist fine wit him, and Mistah Hershel so ’cited he jump up and say “We goan keep you fit all winter!, Brer Thunderhoof youse a mighty fine frien!” Then Mistah Hershel, he head for the barn to git that tractor fired up and Brer Thunderhoof , he go back to chewin’ his cud.

This is how and why the first food plots were planted in the hills of the famous Christmas Place. We currently have over 30 food plots scattered across the property.


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