Monday, March 26, 2007

A Meme from KeesKennis

KeesKennis Meme
alphabetical order of jobs you’ve been paid for
A- Appraiser
B- Broker
C- Carwash attendant and owner
D- Dynamite Expert from blowing beaver dams in Miller Lake
E- Editor of this blog, it doesn’t pay much
F- Flunky to several people who knew what they were doing
G- Gas pump jockey
H- Hunting expert- see E above
I- Inspector for propane company
J- junk hauler, copper etc
K- Kid care and camp couselor
L- Lawn care, cutting grass??
M- moving service, I still hate moving to this day
N- Night clerk
O- Oil Company director
P- Property manager, buy, sell trade!
Q- Quick Sale Foreclosures!
R- Remodeling old homes
S- Secretary for a short stint
T- Truck driver for gasoline company
U- Underpads for carpets (Bondafoam)
V- Volunteer subject for Psychology Experiments. Weird!
W- Warehouses/ Metal building construction
X- Xtra credit advisor
Y- Yuppie, college loafer
Z- Zucchini picker, tomatos, beans, peas

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Libby Spencer said...

What an interesting list. Now I'll have go over to Keesie's and see what he did but I was heading that way anyway. Cool meme.