Monday, March 19, 2007

Wild Turkey Facts

Double Gobble, MS> Here are some interesting and useless wild turkey facts for you to stick in the back of your brain, just in case some smart-aleck asks.
The longest recorded beard on a harvested wild turkey is 18.152 inches. This turkey was taken by Robert Tremblay in King George, VA 5/2/1998.
The heaviest wild turkey harvested weighed 37.125. This turkey was taken in Linn, OR by Jacob Braught on 4/15/2002.
The #1 ranked turkey was taken in Richland, WI on 4/19/1989 by John Fryatt. Score- 194
Some information you should remember is that if you see a turkey coming to you walking backwards, shoot ASAP.
Thanks to the National Wild Turkey Federation.

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