Monday, March 19, 2007

Turkey Season Opener

Cluck Putt, MS> This weekend was the opener for turkey season and even though we did not get a turkey, everyone heard or saw turkeys. It will get a whole lot better very fast. Of course, it might be the hunters were that sorry. Pictured (standing) Ryan and myself. (sitting) my Dad Hershel, Rod Storrs and my brother Paul. Trigger the turkey dog is keeping an eye on things.
We burned and purged the new grill and Burney cooked our first wild hog on it. This was absolutely delicious. Phillip would have gone more berserk than he already is!
Of course, we had to move the cooker around a few more times under Dads' directions but the food was worth it.

Later, we went down to the edge of the creek where I had discovered something very strange. A Bigfoot nest! It is about 6-7 feet long and all the grass around it had been cleared to make the nest. It was about 6 inches high. You could see where something had been lying in it. The hog guy might be the only person besides Dad that would really know what it is.

We also had to drain Dads' pond while he had some help. Thank goodness, Paul could not get out of helping. We are draining it to plant millet after it dries. We hope to get some ducks in there for next season. no turkeys, but a fun time was had by all. Maybe Othmar will make it down soon, of course he may be a-feared of Bigfoot!


deerslayer said...

Othmar probably hasn't made it down yet cause he's trying to figure a way to catch bigfoot and teach him how to write post on his "Hunting Chat Forum " for him. It does look like everyone had a great time hunting but looks like they all probably eat too much hog while there.

Editor said...

You know, you are close enough to visit almost any weekend. the hog was great!