Monday, March 12, 2007

A Long and Fun Day

Jakeville, MS> Spencer and I got up before day and headed to the Spike Camp field with Dad. He was calling, I was watching and Spencer was the shooter for the turkey youth hunt. At 8:00 AM 5 jakes came running into our decoys. They were 20 feet away. We didn't shoot but it was really exciting. No turkey this weekend.
Later we all packed up and went to look at the alligators we had spotted in a slough a couple of miles away. Yikes! horrible looking beast.

Then we stopped and went down through the woods to the old Blissdale Cemetery. Grown up in the middle of the woods, it is strange and creepy. Blissdale is a ghost town of world renown, you know. Very few markers, sunken graves and a very spooky setting.

Then we went shed hunting. Here is a pic of my brother Paul and Paul Jones with the sheds we found. One of them is going to be a hoss next year. Later Paul and I went to explore the edge of our property where there was a Masonic Temple about 100 years ago. We looked for signs of old bottles sticking out of the ditch banks below the old site. We did not find treasure or artifacts but we visited our neighbor and he showed us this shed antler. It has 10 points on 1 side! Yikes! This ought to make The Shed Antler blog! I would tell you more but my obsessive-compulsive brother Trent has promised to shoot me if I say where it was found!


Anonymous said...

thats a horn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brad said...

Thats a hell of a find!

Phillip said...

Dang, Rex!

So, you think Thunderhoof Jr. is running around down there? Looks like a challenger for the crown!

Editor said...

that's a baby compared to him

Anonymous said...

hey dad i look pretty pretty in that pic of me.

love u,