Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Action

Want to say hi to a new link. He is the FatHairyBastard. Known as FHB from now on. He is a hiker and adventurer. Rafting the Colorado, exploring the Grand Canyon and places in between. He has lots of interesting guns of all sorts that he buys, shoots and trades. Go take a look.
In other news, Steven Kendus is Crow Blogging My friend Hoka-Shay-Honaqut has a video of a live demonstation of an ancient punt gun over at Deer, Fish, Cards and miracles of miracles, Jim at Sportsmans Blog has actually made a post. He is showing off his deer stand, I think.


Goon said...

Its hard to blog when hunting season is over and golf and racing season hasn't begun as of yet.

Editor said...

time for old stories, favorite pics, and the dream of next year