Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Late Night Movies

for the kiddies
White Whale, MS> Last weekend the weather was just too warm at the famous Christmas Place and I could not sleep. I got up about 2 in the morning and went in to watch TV. The great old movie, Moby Dick, was coming on. I had not seen it in years.
Just then there was a tap on the big window beside the couch. I opened it and Thunderhoof stuck his head in. During deer season we are deadly enemies but during the summer we are best friends. Thunderhoof thinks that is quite humorous for some reason. I got up, made some popcorn and Thunderhoof, Camo and I watched the search for the white whale. After it was over we thought we could do better so here is our version.
Moby Buck
Trent (Captain Ahab)- I hates a white buck
Rex- (Ishmail) Thar he blows!
Paul- (Queeguig) I’m gonna blast his arse!
Bobby (Carpenter) you want that coffin to go?
Burney (1st Mate) full speed ahead!
Trent (Captain Ahab) Take that, you wascally buck!
Rex (Ishmail)- Run for your lives!
Thunderhoof (Moby Buck) ARGHHHHH!
Paul- (Queequig) BLAM, BLAM, click, oh Shit!
Bobby (carpenter) you want that coffin to go?
Burney (1st mate) that’s unexpected!!
Thunderhoof (Moby Buck) ARRGGHHH!
Trent (Captain Ahab) Gurgle! Gurgle!
Rex (Ishmail) mind if I borrow that coffin
Paul (Queequig) Gurgle!, Gurgle!
Bobby (carpenter) Gurgle, you want Gurgle to go?
Burney(1st mate) exit stage right, Gurgle!
Thunderhoof ( Moby Buck) ARRRGHHHH!
Rex (Ishmail) Who’s going to read the Bodock Times now?

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