Friday, March 16, 2007

Chasing Turkeys

Gobble Ridge, MS> This weekend is the start of the regular turkey season in Mississippi. Spencer and I are going again and this time we are taking the mysterious Rod Storrs.
He is a Yankee, so you can't understand half of what he says, but he can call a turkey!
Looks like an interesting weekend coming up! Here is a picture of him with a goose from a couple of years ago.
In other news, Marian is cow blogging again.
Cookie has some good St. Patricks day jokes over at The Cook Shack and
Norm at Outdoors With Norm has Spring Fever.


Dazd said...

Good luck this weekend.

Cookie..... said...

Hey mate...thanks fer the plug and the link....

Marian said...

Same here what cookie said...thanks for the plug and link. Hope you get a turkey's St. Patrick's Day and it may bring you some good luck! :)

Phillip said...

Hey, if he calls turkeys so good, why'd he shoot that goose?

I guess that's just how those yankees are, huh?

Really, I'm jealous. We don't get to start up on turkeys for two more weeks!

Fathairybastard said...

Nice post. Seeing those shots makes me want to get a scanner so I can post my old pictures from canada. I started going up there with my yankee cousin in the mid 90s, fishing for northern pike. Hogan lake, Algonquin Provincial park in Ontario. Nice times.