Friday, March 02, 2007

Weekend Activities

Finally, it's Friday afternoon and time to get the heck out of here. I have taken enough abuse from Kees and Mohawk. Time to get going. I am going to load up my faithful companion Camo and finally get to camp and do some Shed Hunting. Should be fun! If I only had a Visor to wear.
If you want to do something interesting this weekend, go over and explore this guys blog. He has a whole different view of the world. (Like looking at bugs through a broken coke bottle.) Overall he seems Dazed and Confused from here.


Dazd said...

Thanks for the link!

Editor said...

you're welcome, keep blogging!

Marian said...

Nice looking dog you have there Rex. I like the name...enjoy your weekend at the camp and your shed hunt. Should be a nice weekend for you. Marian :)