Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hog Deer

I have been reading and corresponding with Phillip over at The Hog Blog. He understands hogs. They are ugly, smell bad, nasty to dress but damn, they taste great. I have been trying to figure out a hunt for us. He loves Hog Hunting but is lukewarm on Whitetail Deer. I am big on the deer but lukewarm on the hogs. I decided to find out how we could get something going and decided to Google the words Hog Deer. Holy crap, this is what came up. There really is a Hog Deer. The damn things are native to Australia. I feel a wild hunting trip coming up!


GUYK said...

I am with the hog guy..I am not all that crazy about eating venison..but them hogs do make some good sausage and every time one is shot it is a boon to humanity..

Editor said...

Dad is building a grill to hold two hogs right now and I hope you make it over for the party.

Phillip said...

Heya Rex,

I'm not altogether anti-deer. In fact, if you shoot 'em in the swamp, they can be almost as nasty as a hog.

But shootfire! Now you've gone and found the ultimate... the hog deer! Not only that, but it's in Australia, one of those places I've always wanted to go hunt.

Of course, it'll be a lot easier getting down to Mississippi...a lot easier to convince the warden that I "need" to go, too.

Editor said...

we may have to open a hog deer import company!