Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BBQ Valley Style

I know Phillip at The Hog Blog is an expert on blasting wild hogs, but can he cook them? Me thinks not. Not like they do in the Valley anyway. The best pork BBQ I have ever tasted courtesy of John Carlisle.


Phillip said...

Is that a challenge? Has the gauntlet been thrown down?

Hmmmm... that settles it. We need to have the OBS somewhere that we can shoot and cook some hogs.

Editor said...

can't wait to be forced at gunpoint to eat your delicious BBQ.

GUYK said...

I might just have to join in on that cook challenge..provided you have a big pit and lots of hardwood for the coals..

Phillip said...

Sounds good to me, Guy.

I've had good bbq and I've had great bbq... but it's not too often I have had bad bbq. Mustard-base, vinegar base, even tomato base.... cook it over coals and call it good!

And to any Yankees, Westerners, or Texans... BBQ IS NOT A VERB!

and it ain't beef either.

Editor said...

Well, looks like we have Florida, Mississippi and California in the big BBQ shootout. Anyone else?