Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wandas' Hog Party

We stopped by Marians' house and met her daughter and grandson Ethan. He was very polite and seemed a very well mannered and nice young man. I am hoping to get him up for the youth hunt.
We headed toward the camp with Marian and Bob in tow for a big party set for late that afternoon. the cooker had been going since daylight for the big wild hog cooking.

It was Wandas' Birthday!!!!
All the neighbors had been invited and started to arrive about 6PM. there was food and drink galore. We did not have hog chili, but the meat off the grill was great.

We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Wanda and wondered how she had managed to live with Mr. Evil all these years.
As the party progressed,it broke into two camps. Those that believe Thunderhoof is a deer,
and those who believe that he is an ancient spirit. Only Dad and I know the real truth.

A bitter argument soothed and cooled by homemade ice cream!

Everyone had a great time, Including those Irby boys from the coast.

1 comment:

Phillip said...

You folks at Christmas Place are quite the entertainers, huh?

That barbecue sounds danged tasty. I haven't had a whole hog cooked slow over coals in ages. Just can't hardly get that thing out here in Californy, and I don't get back home to North Carolina nearly enough.

Color me jealous. Thanks for the link, though.