Monday, August 06, 2007

Watermelon Happenings

There was plenty to do at the Watermelon Carnival,
funny that most of them involved eating.
Everyone loves funnel cakes!

Live music played all day. There were class reunions, arts and crafts, and about 100 vendors selling their wares.

They even had the Melon Shuttle circling back and forth through town.

It was unbearably hot, but finally they served everyone ice cold watermelon. Looks like another successful carnival has come and gone, hope you come next year!


Marian said...

That watermelon looks like good eatin Rex!

Matt said...

Perhaps as a watermelon connisseur, you could answer a question for me. My son has a few watermelons growing in our back yard. We've never grown them before. How do you know when they're ripe?

Editor said...

thump them for the nice hollow sound, also the stem will die.

Michele said...

Mmmm... love watermelon. Nothing better than a slice of ice cold watermelon on a hot sunny day... wish I was there!
Fishing Fiesta

Phillip said...

Man, I must be hungry. Those funnel cakes look GOOD!

Start practicing your seed spitting now, Rex... I have an idea for an event at the Outdoor Bloggers' Summit!

terri said...

What? No watermelon wine? What fun is that?

jon said...

Was there a watermelon eating contest? In the past , several times, I was recruited, as a "ringer", to participate in several contests. My record is 6 and 0.

Maybe an idea for a new post?

Editor said...

Jon, I agree you are a ringer.
Teri, thanks for coming over. I love your blog. Matt, carpenter yes, farmer no, Michele and Marian thank you for the great comments.
Phillip will put you in a post tomorrow.

critter said...

wow it was hot that day rex does not have his jacket on

Editor said...

Hey Critter!
thanks for stoppin by. As soon as it drops into the freezing 90's I'll put my wool jacket on.