Monday, August 27, 2007

A Hunting Marriage

I received a new link while I was out galavanting. This is from a nice couple named Andy and Julie. They blog at a new outdoor site called appropriately
Andy and Julie Outdoors.
This looks like the beginning of a very good hunting site focusing on the exploits of this happy couple in their outdoor pursuits. They have already linked up with the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. Go visit, say hello and make them feel at home.


Kristine said...

I've already added them to the OBS Supporter Blogroll. So I'm sure I'll be stopping by often.

What would we do without you, Rex? You're always bringing back new friends for us to meet.

Callie said...

They look happy!
And Rex, you are forever adding people to your blog roll. I am feeling a little left out here in Georgia... I am getting ready to write a song cause I am so lonely..Only I was told the only way it would get recorded is if I sang about:

Losing a lover,
who took my dog
drank my beer,
wrecked my truck
and lost my quarter in the pay phone booth when I tried to call someone who cared....


Bryan said...

Thanks, Rex!

Andy said...

Thanks for the press coverage! I only wish I had started her hunting sooner!

Dana said...

Good call! I visited their site and added to the roll. Another woman hunter - this is great!!