Thursday, August 23, 2007

Camo is Bugging Me

I am just about tired of that supid dog.
Denise has spoiled her rotten.
I am tired of having to spell G-O and R-I-D-E and T-R-U-C-K.
I’m thinking about trading that stupid dog for a blue-nosed mule.
Everytime we go to camp the damn thing has to sit up front. She barks until we adjust the A/C just right. She scratches you if she doesn’t like the music, or the direction of the vents. I WILL NOT let her drive, she does not have a drivers license. Stupid dog.
Oh and sooner or later she is going to scratch me until I put on her favorite song.
I pull the old tape out from under the seat and gladly sing along.


Debbie said...

Your dog must have been trained by the same folks that trained OUR dogs. ha. They think they are people. Not only do they understand what we say, they can read our minds. They know what we are going to do almost as soon as we do.

Don't forget to show up at Natchez Trace State Park Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. until midnight. The Carl Perkins Child Abuse Trail Ride all day Friday and Saturday. The entertainment is Show Time the band (hubby's band).

All the rock n roll, oldies but goodies, and some country, jazz, and blues.

deerslayer said...

She's not to stupid if she's got you doing all that for her.

Arthur said...

There is nothing wrong with spoiling a dog rotten. I know my dog is and I can honestly say it is probably because of me. I can't even blame it on the wife.

Kristine said...

All the best dogs think they're people.

Heck, my Dad's Yellow Lab thought he was a lap dog and he weighed over 90 pounds.

He was a good dog though. We all miss him now that he's gone.

Jon said...

I havn't "disposed" of my wifes dog, because "Spike, The Wonder Dog" has a wonderful nose and hasn't lost a Deer yet!