Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Miracle Shirt

This post is for Othmar, Matt, Rick and especially Bill. The newest craze in deer attractants! Guaranteed to get you that mighty Buck. Get you one of these!


Kristine said...

O.k., seriously that's goofy. It's like those vitamins Cliff was talking about a while back that were supposed to make you a better hunter.

I think it's sad that companies like these are enticing hunters to spend their money on products that won't make any difference in the success or safety of their hunt.

Arthur said...

Interesting product. I think I'll just stick to my own scent control and playing that thing called..what was it again..oh yeah...the wind!!!

GUYK said...

persimmon? maybe in a t-shirt but I would be afraid it was green persimmons and I would not tuck it in my pants..

Dana said...

Great, a shirt to make my secret fear in the woods come true - I'm innocently walking back home after a morning of hunting, and I get attacked by a scent crazed deer. Do we really want them to hunt us?

Don@BuckHuntersBlog said...

Oh man, anything for a buck...err...dollar.

This is almost right up there with the "Turkey Scent" that came out years ago. And you know what? You had so called "Experts" in the hunting industry actually trying to tell people that Turkey's could smell...all to try and sell "Hen in Heat" scent.

Be honest, how many of you bought into that? I can honestly say I didn't but I know some who did.

How 'bout this? Stay clean and stay downwind, crosswind or above wind.


Bill Anderson said...

I swear bucks love the smell of bacon and eggs and last night's chili on my stuff. Watching the wind direction is probably all ya gotta do! Thanks for thinking about me Rex!