Monday, August 27, 2007

A Real Winner

This weekend we gave the custom bass rod away. The rod was given to our great and true friend Paul Jones. It was his birthday and we thought it would be a good gift to repay just a fraction of the friendship he has shown us. He has done more to help us than you can imagine. He watches the place, helps fix our equipment, always pitches in to help and is always there with Dad when 4 o'clock rolls around for a drink. When receiving the rod he said "You think GuyK has trouble with me out-fishing him now, wait till he sees me use this beauty." Can't wait to see the fishing tournament in the spring!


Marian said...

Bob and I want to wish Paul a Happy Belated Birthday! We know he will enjoy his new fishing rod. GuyK is in trouble now! :)

Kristine said...

Sounds like you made a good choice for what to do with that rod. I hope he has many happy days of fishing with it.

Callie said...

He won a cool fishin rod!
But why does he not look happy?? Does he not know the great dinners and delectable gilled fish that he can catch with a rod like that?

or even perhaps a sweetie pie if he doesnt already have one??? Just asking yo.

Happy Birthday Paul!!!


GUYK said...

Paul, I am looking forward to it and next time I am bring some fresh water lures...with sharp hooks! I have my eye on a five and a half foot ultra light rod and a Shimano 500 size reel that I want to load with some 8# power pro just for to go fishing with you. We plan on being there the last part of April.