Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting Something Done

While we were tooling around Vicksburg, some work got done Saturday. Austin, Michael and Burney were on the wood splitting and stacking detail. They did a great job and got us enough firewood ready so that we do not have to burn furniture when it gets cold.

Sunday came and Mark, Burney and I went over and put a new stand up. It is on the side of a large knoll and looks down into a bowl where we have cut out a new field.
It is a very pretty and scenic spot. Hey! The Scenic Stand!

While we were doing that, Paul led his delegation over to the cornfields. Their job was to pick and shuck two big barrels of corn. By the time we got there, they had almost come to blows. Mark and I sat back and laughed as they argued. Here are some of the exciting pics of the corn shucking.


Arthur said...

That time of year! And loving every minute of it.

Kristine said...

I have to say, picking and shucking two big barrels of corn doesn't sound like much fun. Sounds like you had the better job putting up the Scenic Stand.

old scratch said...

Nothing like the smell of a gulf coast lawyer shucking corn in the morning.

old scratch said...

2 barrels of corn. You all wouldn't be planning on baiting any DUCKS would you?

terri said...

"Corn shucking"... funny. Someone commented on my blog recently that they thought it was funny that I said we were "peeling" corn. I didn't know I was doing it wrong! I guess I better learn to start shucking.

Bryan said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. Best of luck hunting out of that new stand!!!

Matt said...

Looks like another great weekend down in God's Country! I've got to get back down there.

Editor said...

Matt!!! Don't you have a new hunter to think about?

GUYK said...

Hmmmm, all that corn and all those woods and creeks and draws...and you didn't show me the still..

Dazd said...

Wow! Looks like a great stand location. Can't wait to read about the deer take at that location.

Callie said...

Ok So..what about shucking the corn made them turn on each other? Was it the trading of secrets or Orville Redenbacher *That I call Orville Bread and Butter* or was it that they ran out of Forest Gump ideas on the 50 ways to use corn?

fried corn
popped corn
boiled corn
creamed corn

ya get the idea...??

lurve ya man,

Davin said...

It looks like Paul is doing a lot of watching and not much shucking,boy i guess some things never change.I guess this is why he and Jimmy are so close (HAHA). Anyway wanted to let you know Jerry Gowen said to tell you hello and hopes to see you Howell's in the Grove this year.